Radius 58 optics pop-up + Resource coffee

Radius 58 optics pop-up + Resource coffee


Radius58 is a modern chain of eyewear stores originated in Saint-Petersburg with its eponymous eyewear brand. The store on Bolshoy Prospekt of the Petrogradskaya Side is already the third store opened by it founders. This time, the team has chosen the concept of pop-up; they also decided to collaborate with the Resource Coffee Hunters and open a coffee corner inside, where, among other things, green coffee can be roasted specially for you.

This project is an important stage for brand Radius: a new store, new identity, new collection, the first eye examination room (which will open a little later) and the first time when the space with a coffee corner is opened.

The starting point in creating the design concept, a new corporate identity developed by the design studio Non-Objective, is, in our opinion, very industrial and technical. We transferred these associations to the interior, and the idea of a pop-up was perfectly suited to its implementation.

We used materials that can be seen daily at construction sites: aerated blocks, gypsum plasterboard rails, concrete, rothband, galvanised steel. These simple, technical materials are, in our opinion, very compatible with the new brand identity.

The interior is divided into three functional areas: the doctor's office (which will start working at a later point in time), the main hall (where both the glasses shop and a coffee corner are located) and the coffee area.

The main elements are racks made of rails of plasterboard sheets with polycarbonate inserts. In between are massive volumes of gas-block racks, with galvanised steel worktops. And all this is enveloped by a bright blue curtain which gathers and unites the two shops into a single whole: quite simply, but also very functionally. We also used galvanised sheets in the finish.

Summing up, the RADIUS 58 project's main line is a striking industrial experiment.


Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Bolshoi Prospekt P.S. 28/1
Total area: 50 m2
Year: 2022
Architect: Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Elizaveta Zholtaya, Olga Belyakova, Dmitrii Zinenkov
Photo By
Sergey Melnikov

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