Midsummer restaurant

Midsummer restaurant


Midsummer is a casual dining restaurant located in the very centre of Moscow.  The concept of the project is based on the mixing and contrasting of two cultures - wine and beer, which is reflected not only in the abundance of choices on the restaurant's menu but also in every detail of the interior.

The basis of the image is a reference to a wooden barn, the atmosphere of summer in the countryside, which is also reflected in the restaurant's name. Thus, one of the shaping elements is a wooden massive ceiling with crosshairs, that makes it possible to hide all the engineering communications. The abundance of textiles in the whole space also refers us to this theme: a kind of rethinking of curtains in wooden dwellings. Dry grass suspended from the ceiling, wooden logs, man-made materials and shapes - all of these brings us back to the relaxed atmosphere of country life. Pointed glass-cast birds complete this image. At the same time, the whole project is designed in a modern way, which in combination with this theme gives a fascinating effect.

The restaurant is located in a historic 19th-century building. We paid due respect to the heritage, and thus preserved and partially restored the existing brickwork and reinforced the metal structures, which gave liveliness to the whole space.

The interior is put together on a contrast of shapes, materials, and elements that surprisingly coexist in one space and complement each other. Bent partitions made of cork, natural stone, and textiles, referring to wine aesthetics, join more rough materials - raw wood, stone, leather, metal, massive logs, and lamps resembling tin barrels. These seemingly incompatible elements create a special, welcoming, and warm atmosphere.

Our main task was to create a unique space. Cosy lighting, a relaxed atmosphere, warm tones, and tactile materials transport guests into a homely, pleasant, familiar surrounding that is so badly lacking in the centre of every metropolis.

Russia, Moscow, Myasnitsky pr., 2/1
Total area: 150 m2
Year: 2023
Architect: Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Ekaterina Piven
Photo By
Varvara Toplennikova
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