F76 apartment

F76 apartment


While realising the F76 apartment project, we paid special attention to the volumetric and spatial solution. Despite the complex geometry of the space, we succeeded in dividing the apartment into an open public area with a kitchen-living room and a study; we alsocreated a more private area with a master bedroom and children's rooms.

The central piece is a wooden volume of dark, nearly black oak that permeates the entireroom. In the living area, this volume hides a light wood staircase that leads to the terrace; it wraps around and guides the guest into a more private part of the apartment.

In the common space, we placed stainless steel accent objects that fulfil a utilitarian function, hiding cupboards and technical rooms inside. The living area also features unconventional touches, such as a children's play area that can be separated from the kitchen-living room by sliding panels of felt and wood. When open, this space remainsunified and filled with air. An important accent in the living room is the freestanding cylindrical fireplace. Initially it was not a part of the plan to install it, but since the apartment is on the top floor, we allowed ourselves to realise such a bold technique,which turned out to be very organic.

We would like to emphasise the study area. The main hobby of the apartment owner is gaming. This required creating a space where he could gather with friends, socialise in asecluded atmosphere, and play.

Visually, the study is a continuation of the hall and living room area but is separated fromit by a glass partition that soundproofs the space. Thanks to the curtain, the study can becompletely separated from the common areas if necessary. As this spaceis intended tobe used as a workplace, as well as for meeting friends and playing video games, wewanted to create the possibility of changing the atmosphere to suit different functions. For this purpose, we provided large-scale RGB lighting. In the daytime it can becompletely switched off, and in the evening, once switched on it can dramatically changethe mood of the room. The office is quite warm, restrained, and minimalistic, but when RGB lighting is switched on, it becomes more playful.

Another interesting solution was applied in the master bedroom, which is a single space with a dressing room and a master bathroom. The wardrobe here is designed as a bufferzone. It is made of dark wood, while the interior is made of light wood. We also used this supporting technique in the main area.

In general, the space of the apartmenti s designed quite geometrically, but due to the use of natural wood of different tones, we managed to create a softer and warmer atmosphere.

Objects made of stone and stainless steel create accents and attract attention.

Tallinn, Estonia
Total area: 500 m2
Year: 2023
Architect: Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova
Photo By
Nikita Subbotin (Landon Studio)
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