OSSU eatery barroom

OSSU eatery barroom


OSSU eatery barroom is our second noodle bar project for the OSSU team. We designed the first one in St. Petersburg in 2020, and it was decided to open a new place in Moscow.

The ground floor of the historical building on the Sretenka Street, where the project is located, has always been occupied by cafes and restaurants. In the process of implementation, we preserved the inner part, carefully treating it, bringing it to the aesthetics of intelligent industrialism, emphasised by expressive art objects, antique furniture, greenery, high-quality, and non-standard light.

We based our projects on Asian street youth style - modern premium eclecticism, technology, and cyberpunk in their best sense. At the same time, the homely atmosphere of a market courtyard in a metropolis that you might find in Tokyo or Seoul, around which everyone eats and socialises buzzingly. For example, along the wall, we placed a noodle preparation area, which is designed in the style of a market stall with stylised awnings above it.

The seating area also contains many Easter eggs and references to Asia. The red transparent volumes dividing the hall are references to billboards and advertising hoardings. The end wall is made of a huge trivision that has three faces with different images that change every 2 minutes. One of them depicts a street photograph of life in Asia, and the other two have more abstract and shimmering images. They all help to change the vibe of the space, which is perceived by guests in a slightly different way each time. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by a large wooden shipping crate, with hieroglyphics and shipping stamps painted on it and an integrated wardrobe. Furthermore, media screens that play abstract graphics are added to the space.

The interior has quite a few intertwining wires, which are often found on Asian streets; somewhere they are fixtures that make contribute to the cyberpunk atmosphere.

On the ground floor we have located a secret bar. It is made in the style of an underground abandoned place where some furniture has been left. The space is assembled from plaster metal profiles. Part of the bar is the red room, which is a reference to a photo developing room. Below the ceiling across it, newly developed photographs can be seen hanging on the stretchers.


Russia, Moscow, Sretensky Boulevard, 1
Total area: 200 m2
Year: 2022
Architect: Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Sergey Maslov
Photo By
Ekaterina Maslova
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