NINO cuisine

NINO cuisine


Nino is a Georgian cuisine restaurant. The venue is in the very heart of Saint Petersburg. Still, it is hidden from the hustle and bustle and bystanders in a pleasant courtyard.

When we started looking at the visuals of Georgia, we realized that it could not be reproduced intentionally. Georgian aesthetic is excellent for its happenstance and randomness. It's an aesthetic that sort of accumulated itself, influenced by time, events, people, rains, history. No one controlled this process, no one intentionally created it. 

Likewise, we decided to experiment with the project, let go of the reins a little, and try to build a venue in such a style, as if there was an architect, but as if there wasn't at the same time. We agreed that there would be no artificially aged elements, no pseudo materials. If it is decoration, then it should be bought at Georgian flea markets. If it is furniture, it should be real vintage discoveries.

After numerous visits to flea markets, antique shops and looking through dacha treasures we created a truly authentic interior. We managed to achieve the feeling that the restaurant has been on this spot for decades and has already been rooted deeply into the fabric of the city. Nino has three small halls bound together by small hallways, making the restaurant look like an apartment.

Two of these halls are located in a transparent glass greenhouse, which has been built by us and almost entirely fills a small courtyard. If you look closely, you can notice the courtyard old paving right in the interior and the hatch that we saved. In the hall on the second floor of this greenhouse, there is a small balcony where you can go out with a glass of wine. Each and every detail of the interior has its own story. Many items have obtained a second beautiful life instead of being relegated to the dustbin. Among other things, this is our  manifesto for ecology and saving the planet's resources. The dense atmosphere of the venue is complemented by delicious food and well-chosen music.


Russia, Saint-Petersburg, emb. Griboyedov Canal, 18-20
Total area: 150 m2
Year: 2021
Architect: Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Julia Gritsuk
Photo By
Dmitrii Tsyrenshchikov

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