Mill bistro

Mill bistro


Mill is an Italian bistro located in St. Petersburg on Tchaikovsky Street 36, where it occupiesa small room on the ground floor. Notably, the historical open beams on the ceilingof theroom have been preserved. Mill is the second project of the founders of the Mill restaurantonLiteyniyAvenue.

Mill’s team came to the first meeting with us with a story: the beginning of the bistro conceptwas pizza that they started making during the lockdown. That's when they met a supplier ofperfect organic flour from the Krasnodar Region, who cultivates wheatand mills the grainthemselves. This grew into the concept of a neo-Italian bistro. That is also how the name‘Mill’ was born.

When creating the concept of thebistro, we wanted to emphasise the story behind theinterior. So we chose a light, neutral colour of walls with a slight texture, which in the kitchenand bar area formed a resemblance with ‘burns’ on the walls, reminiscent of pizza crustfrom the oven. The perimeter seatingfollowsthe best traditions of Italian cafes-neutral anddense.

The centrepiece of the main space isformed bya mosaicof monumentalist Kirill Romanovdepicting the Capitoline Wolftogether with a large oval table with a marble top and vintageItalian chairs.

In addition,one of the main principles of the kitchen in both projects is the concept of usingproducts from head to tail. This means that everypieceofaproduct is usedduringcookingsothat nothing is thrown away. The use of upcycling is also present in the interior:thecushions on the sofas are made in the technique of homespun tracks from leftover fabricfrom the production of the St. Petersburg clothing shop‘UstakUstam’in collaboration withthe conceptstore ‘Palaty’.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Tchaikovsky Street 36
Total area: 50 m2
Year: 2023
Architect: Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Olga Belyakova
Photo By
Varvara Toplennikova
–°offeemania restaurant