Meat Coin country club

Meat Coin country club


At the MEAT COIN Country Club, we aspired to achieve the feeling of a beachside modern house.

The entire layout of the space is based on the concepts of a private house, and the restaurant space is revealed gradually.

Guests are at first greeted by an entrance hall, bar and waiting area. Then the guests pass through an open kitchen where they can observe the cooking process and proceed into a spacious living room with panoramic windows offering views over the Gulf of Finland. Our living room has many fireplaces that are design to gather the club guests around. The terrace resembles an extension of the living room; the two are united by a common boardwalk, typical of country houses. At the end of the terrace, we have created a comfortable garden with pebbles, sun loungers, and a large open fire pit, around which the guests can enjoy beautiful sunsets over a glass of wine.

All the materials in the project are natural, tactile, and genuine. If the hearths are assembled in the open kitchen, we use fireclay bricks, which are used in cooker construction. There is a lot of wood in the project - as an indispensable element of country building.

We have used a lot of vintage armchairs, rugs, and chairs, as the house owners tend to travel a lot and collect what brings a memory of their trips. It is a very personal story, and you can meet the owners in the restaurant who will be happy to tell you about a random piece of furniture or the space as a whole.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Primorskoye Highway, 466
Total area: 1200 m2
Year: 2022
Architect: Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Daria Rogozhina
Photo By
Sergey Melnikov
Forest Hill restaurant