Trevisan, a company based in Italy, is a manufacturer of high-tech industrial machines. The premises are intended for the Russian representative office.

The office staff is managers, who are mostly engaged in sales and coordination of equipment deliveries. Due to the time difference, their working day may be indefinitely delayed, that is why the office is designed for a long work with maximum comfort. Space design reflects the main motive of the brand engaged in modern technological equipment – simple, functional and brutal.

The structure of the representative office is very simple: there are several managers and a director. The planning solution of the premises is fully consistent with this laconic scheme.

In the open space of the office there is a director’s area and a closed utility unit. These two spaces are marked with different materials – rusted iron and concrete – and make the structure of the premises.

The rest of the office is a single space – comfortable workstations at a common table and an open area for relaxation or negotiations in an informal setting.

The office has a strict minimalistic design. The concept of the interior reflects the main business of the company that produces large industrial machines.

All elements have a laconic form, and the emphases are made by a combination of rich textures of rough finishing materials, used to decorate the two spaces in the structure of a room. Concrete surfaces - walls and ceilings - were left open; they are cleaned and coated with clear varnish.

In a common open area there are transformable recreation and negotiation areas designed in an amphitheater shape, which also provides additional storage place.

– Russia, Saint-Petersburg, nab. Smolenki 35
Total area: 100 m2
Year: 2017
Architect: Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Ekaterina Vagurina
Photo By
Boris Lvovskiy
G4 apartment